Ultimate Yamaha PW50 upgrades | Top 4 MUST upgrade parts for PW50

Ultimate Yamaha PW50 upgrades | Top 4 MUST upgrade parts for PW50

Ultimate Yamaha PW50 upgrades | Top 4 MUST upgrade parts for PW50

FPR Yamaha PW50 handle bar upgrade kit

PW50 Handlebars 

PW50 Handlebars are usually the first to go. Reason is because the standard PW50 handlebar that are fitted on the bike when the bike leave the factory are some what basic. They are made of thin steel and are prone to bending from falls, They also have no room for height adjustment when the rider grows, which eventually leads to incorrect rider position. Both front are rear brakes are located on the handlebars, yet only the right hand brake (front) is adjustable and the left hand brake (rear) is not due to it being welded to the handlebar tube.

The FPR PW50 Handlebar fixes all that and more. Our PW50 handlebar kit is crafted from tough aerospace grade aluminum, so not only are they light weight but near impossible to bend. Our PW50 aftermarket handlebar kit includes modular handlebar risers which can be added as the rider grows making height adjustment possible and ensures correct rider position. The unique adjustable left hand brake lever bracket is designed for small hands to easily reach and pull the lever. Oh I did I mention each kit includes a FREE pair of PW50 grips.

 Yamaha PW50 foot pegs cast from corrsion resistant stainless steel.



PW50 Foot pegs

As we know the Yamaha PW50 is a "learner" dirt bike and that means it's going to encounter some dirt and water or moisture at some point. And water and the standard rubber used on the PW50 foot pegs can only mean one thing, slippery foot pegs!. Pw50 foot pegs are notorious for letting the riders feet slip off when needed. So upgrade your PW50 foot pegs with a pair of corrosion free indestructible stainless steel PW50 foot pegs. FPR PW50 foot pegs are wide! Yes, 50mm WIDE! so finding balance is easier. Included in these durable and stylishly cast PW50 foot pegs are the teeth that provide the much needed grip any dirt bike rider needs to navigate the wet dirt.



PW50 Steering bearings

One of the most important PW50 upgrades from a maintenance point. Whether you are riding or washing your Yamaha PW50 water and dirt is bound to make its way into the steering bearings. In case you are wondering what steering bearing are and where they are located we will explain. There are a set of small ball bearing cages located in the neck of the PW50. They are the bearings that enable the bikes steering to move left to right, and when dirt and water enter the bearing housing steering becomes difficult. The FPR PW50 sealed bearing kit does just what it is called. Seals the dirt and water out so steering is not affected by dirt and water.



PW50 Triple clamp

PW50 Triple clamps

Triple clamps connect the handlebars to the rest of the bike and take quiet a bit of thrashing during riding and even more so when the rider starts to jump the bike. FPR PW50 triple clamp are thicker than the standard stock plate found on the Yamaha pw50 which unlike the stock standard PW50 triple clamp found on the bike. Our PW50 triple clamp wont bend and just like the FPR PW50 handlebar kit are crafted from aerospace grade aluminum, ensuring ultimate strength while remaining lightweight.

All our products are 100% AMA (American motorcycle association) race legal too. So whether you looking to upgrade to better components to help improve your riders skill or to race. FPR parts for PW50 will never let you down.

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