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IRP Clutch cover - KTM 50cc (2009-2023)

1.655,00 kr 
SKU: 920391

KTM 59cc Clutch Cover (2009-2023)

“Adjust Clutch from the outside”
A must for the serious racer. The factory cover only holds 198ml’s of oil because the large KTM stock clutch fills the entire crankcase. The IRP cover is wider to provide over 60% more oil capacity for cooler running clutch and better performance by reducing power robbing heat to the bottom half of the motor and transmission.
A removable plug in the side of the cover allows quick adjustment of the KTM 2013-2023 factory disc clutch from the outside.
Made in the USA from billet aluminum alloy polished and anodized orange.

Oil capacity with 2013-2023 KTM factory clutch 325 ml’s 
Oil capacity with IRP Triple Grip Clutch 375 ml’s