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IRP Triple grip clutch

SKU: 920360

The Triple Grip 3 Disc Clutch is specifically designed for the 50cc KTM 50 SX Jr (mini) & Sr 2009-24, Husky TC50 (2018 -2024) as well as GasGas MC50 2023-24 Bikes.

  • fully CNC machined clutch is made from state of the art materials to provide the racer with superior performance reliability and longevity.
  • The Exclusive Intuitive Racing’s Carbon friction discs are the latest proprietary technology capable of handling the higher temperatures created by the stall speeds of the 50cc Stock and Modified Bikes.
  • The Triple Grip clutch is much smaller in diameter for less rotating mass.
  • Triple Grip clutch weighs about 7 ounces lighter than the factory KTM clutch allowing more horsepower to go directly to the rear wheel. Accelerating a larger and heavier clutch absorbs more energy than a smaller and lighter clutch. This reduces available horsepower to the rear wheel.
  • This Clutch will Absolutely make your Stock or Modified KTM or Huskvarna TC 50 (2018-24) Come Alive!!